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 Qi Gong helps Cessnock woman's cancer battle 

Qi Gong helps Cessnock woman's cancer battle

29 Jun, 2011 11:53 AM
Told she had an average of two to three years to live, Sam Aulton has turned her life around and hopes to help others in the same way.

Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in February, the cancer had spread to her spine and possibly her lungs, and doctors had little hope for her survival.

Determined not to give up, the Cessnock woman decided to make some changes in her lifestyle, and hopes to beat the odds.

“Averages don't have to relate to everyone and the law of averages does not mean that everyone will be condemned to that outcome…but this gave me the impetus that I needed to change my habits and change my potential outcome,” Sam said.

With plenty to live for, including daughters Maggie (six) and Ruby (three), Sam has turned to alternative therapies, with promising results.

One of these therapies is Qi Gong (pronounced chi gung), the Chinese exercise form that uses breathing and meditation to improve and treat disease.

“I’m doing a few different things, but this one (Qi Gong) feels really good, and I want to share it with people,” Sam said.

Sam took up Qi Gong in March and a lung scan in May revealed no signs of cancer. The cancer also appears to have stopped spreading around her bones.

While doctors would not confirm whether the cancer had actually spread to her lungs, Sam caught pneumonia twice around Christmas time last year and cancer could have been the cause.

Sam said she feels “lucky” to have had the pneumonia, or the doctors may not have discovered the cancer.

It is Sam’s second battle with the disease – she was initially diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, just two weeks after her 30th birthday.

But she was shocked all the same to have cancer again.

“After five years, they usually say ‘congratulations’,” she said.

Sam underwent chemotherapy, radiation and hormone treatment 11 years ago. She was offered hormone treatment this time around, but declined.

“Knowing that it had not cured me 11 years ago why would it cure me now?” she said.

“I had already had two years of hormone treatment Zoladex at age 31 which put me into menopause and caused osteopeonia.

“They also stated radiation could be of assistance but would only shrink the tumour not cure the root cause, so I thought again ‘no’ – I need a cure.”

Following her scan in May, which came after more than two months of daily Qi Gong sessions, doctors said Sam’s body seemed to be “moving in the right direction” without the use of these hormone treatments that cause damaging side effects.

“And I was stoked,” she said.

Sam discovered Qi Gong through cancer retreat centre The Gawler Foundation and has also been visiting Sydney-based Chinese medicine specialist, Dr. Qixin Chen, who she said has many “miracle stories”.

Sam is looking to conduct free classes in a local park for anyone with cancer, degenerative diseases, allergies or other ailments that may be helped by Qi Gong.

“There are masters of Qi Gong, who teach people how to teach…I’m just a student who wants to share what I’ve accumulated,” she said.

Sam has practices Qi Gong for half an hour every morning, but it’s just part of her healing plan. She also meditates two or three times a day, has visited a “mind coach” who has helped her create a positive outlook, and has rid her diet of sugar, which cancer cells can feed upon.

“I used to be really negative towards eating fanatically, but when it’s your life, it’s worth it,” she said.

Anyone interested in learning about Qi Gong is asked to contact Sam on 0414 741 429 for more information.

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RAY OF HOPE: Sam Aulton wants to share her experiences with Qi Gong.
RAY OF HOPE: Sam Aulton wants to share her experiences with Qi Gong.

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