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Qigong - A pecial Exercise for Cancer Patients

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What is Qigong?

Qigong is an Oriental therapy that combines gentle exercises with breathing techniques, meditation and visualization to improve the circulation of Qi (life energy) in the body. It is suitable for all age groups and is particularly suited for ill people who wish to maintain fitness.

Qigong is based on similar principles to other Oriental health systems, in that it emphasizes the need for harmony between Yin and Yang and the free flow of Qi in the meridians. Qi is believed to be the energy of the universe, and everything is made of Qi. Qi can be divided into two types – Yin and Yang. These represent two polar opposites or states of being and they are in a constant state of change. The body and mind needs a balance between the Yin and Yang aspects and an imbalance of either can lead to illness. Similarly, an imbalance between a person’s Qi and the Qi of the environment they are in can also create disharmony.


Chan Heung

Medical Qigong for Health Program 2006-2007

Integrative Oncology at RPAH and Concord Hospital

Designed by Dr Byeongsang Oh
Phd candidate, School of Public Health
Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney
NSW 2006. Australia