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Our centre provides a professional, complementary and alternative therapy for people who prefer take a holistic approach to their wellbeing and health, we neither intended to diagnosis, nor claim that we can cure cancer or any other diseases.  All articles and/or testimonials provided by journalist or patients in relation to this centre are only the authorís point of view. Click HERE for more details.

Bladder Cancer - 
Bladder Cancer by G.V.
Bladder Cancer by Melanie
  Bladder Cancer by Jim - Page One - Page Two - Page Three
  Stage 4 Bladder cancer by P.J.
  Bladder Cancer by A. Frost
  Bladder Cancer by Brian

Bowel Cancer - 

My Story by John .

Bowel Cancer My Story by N. Fine
To Whom It May Concern by D. V. Reyk
Bowel Cancer for my Mother by  L. Lai
Prevention is Better than Cure
  Beating cancer without Chemo
  Young mum fights for life
Brain Tumour - 
TCM/Western Medicine/Asparagus - how they all helped me by Cheryl Kotz
Jesus Saved My Life by Clint Beattie - Page One - Page Two
Malignant Meningioma by Sue Gilles
A Cancer With Still No Cure in Mind
  My best friend by P Wilson - Page One - Page Two
  Cancer of the brain level 4 by P. Hearn
Breast Cancer - 

Breast Cancer, Chinese Medicine & Chemotherapy by P Stark - Page One - Page Two

To Chen with Gratitude by M C Schaffner

My Own Story May Help You by N Trachteneva

Lobular Carcinoma - Grace Duieau

Natural Treatment for Breast Cancer by M. M. - Page One - Page Two

  Histiocystosis by Tina
  Lisa's Story - Article One - Article Two
  Robyn's Story - R. Stapleton
  Breast cancer by J. Copping

Fibroids -

Beating Uterus Fibroids Without Surgery

  Polycystic ovarian syndrome by Sarah
  To Whom it May Concern by Cynthia
Gall Bladder Cancer -
  My experience with gall bladder cancer by Z Hart - Page One - Page Two

Kidney Cancer - 

To Whom It May Concern by J. Taylor

Kidney Cancer by Robert Perry

Kidney Cancer by Fiano Stephens for Jean Stephens - Page One - Page Two

  Patrick's Story - 2015 Update
Lung Tumor -
To Whom It May Concern by David Toomey
  My Lung Cancer & TCM by Melissa Taylor - Page One - Page Two - Page Three - Page Four
My Lung Cancer & TCM by Keith Graham
  Forato's Story
  "Incurable" Lung Disease
  Don't change anything you are doing by C. Bernardi, Page Two, Page Three
  Never give up by Roslyn Hogan - Page One - Page Two - Page Three - Newspaper Clipping (From Hills Shire Times - 15th Sep '09)
Liver Cancer -
  Another Miracle by Nenita S Sienes
My Liver Cancer Story by N Fine
  My Survival Story by T Baxter
  My Journey by S Freeman
Melanoma -
A Powerful Combination by W Vallance
  I Will Be Well - Page One - Page Two
I Beat Cancer Without Radiation - Page One - Page Two - Page Three
  To Whom it May Concern by A. Koesdjono
  My best treatment result by M Fuller
  Karen's Story
Mesothelioma -
  To Whom it May Concern by Conny R
  Mesothelioma by Daniel
  Peritoneal mesothelioma by Ian Ross
Miscellaneous -
  Germ Cell Tumour - Continued Page Two
  Natural Road to Recovery
Immune System
  Tonsil Cancer
  Testicular Cancer by J. Telfer

Multiple Myeloma - 


Thank you Chen

My Multiple Myeloma Story

Hodgkins Lymphona - 

Hodgkin's Disease is easy with Chen by Brian Wilson - Page One - Page Two - Page Three

Do not give up - My battle with Hodgkin's Disease - Page One - Page Two - Page Three

  Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Non - Hodgkins Lymphona - 

My Testimonial by Edna Johns

To Whom It May Concern by George Lubimoff

My Testimonial by Tony Ranieri - Page One - Page Two - Page Three - Page Four - Page Five - Page Six

  My faith in Chinese Medicine by D.White
  Five years of remission by Andrienne
  To the skeptics out there by Phil

Oesophagus, Throat and Stomach Cancer - 


It is a Great Pity by Don Kerstic


To Chen, Chinese Medicine, Cancer & Me by G. Caldwell

To Whom It May Concern by O. Ingle Page One - Page Two - Page Three

Operation is not good enough by itself
  Tongue Cancer by Richard - Page One - Page Two
  My tongue cancer story by C.H. - Page One - Page Two - Page Three - Page Four
  My stomach cancer by Kevin - Page One - Page Two
  Gary's story - Page One - Page Two
Ovarian Cancer -
To Whom It May Concern by Inge Visser
Beating Ovarian Cancer by R Valente - Update 2013
  Ovarian Cancer by Heather
Pancreatic Cancer -
My story by Gary Kerr
  Max from Canberra
The cuppa that changed my life by K. Woolridge, Page Two
My story by K. Swain
  Prevention is better than cure by Nicole
Pancreatic cancer by Janette
  My Story by Jeff - Page One - Page Two
Prostate Cancer - 
  Biopsy may be harmful
My History of Cancer of the Prostate by John Bourke
To Whom It May Concern by C. Rufo
  A Letter from Mr Burrows
One Man's Prostate Cancer Story by M. Clarke
  Prostate screening not worth it
  My Prostate Story G. Tall
  No more cancer by I. Webb, Page Two
  Prostate cancer by Peter W.
  My prostate cancer by Jeffrey
  16 years proof! by Errol C
Sarcoma - 
To Whom It May Concern by R.Whatmor - Page One - Page Two - Page Three
  A Testimony-Chordoma Tumours by Mr B Tink - Page One - Page Two - Page Three
Paraganglioma by Dennis Matthews
  Osteosarcoma by M. Vorlicek
  Langerhans Cell Sarcoma by M Monteverde - Update
  Langerhans Cell Sarcoma by Andrew
Uterine Cancer -
  I beat cancer without Surgery
  Placental Tissue Cancer by M. Hartley
  Irregular Pap Smear