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Asthma -
My asthma by Marc
Autism -
Nicholas' Story
Autoimmune Disease -
Rheumatoid Arthritis by Brian
  Allergic reactions by John
  Oesteoarthritis by Russell
  Arthritis of the Ankle by C.P.

Calculus - 

My Calculus Has Gone by C Norman
Crohn's Disease -
My Story by J. Dixon
  My Ulcerative Colitis by N Phipps
  Ulcerative Colitis by L. Romero
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome -
A Letter From Susan
To Whom It May Concern by P. Davidson
Chinese Medicine Helped My Hyperactive Disorder by Paul Age 14
  Regaining my energy by R. Floridia
  I miss my treatment by Nicole
Depression -
Our Depression and Chinese Medicine by E. Bosson
Goodbye to Antidepressants
  My Panic Attack
Eye -
Vision Improvement by Ray
  Pseudomonas eye infection by Miriam
Fertility -
To Whom It May Concern by Mrs Salveria Oliveri
To Whom It May Concern by Danielle Napoli
For Your Information by C. Fullerton
After IVF failed
Acupuncture Benefits for IVF researched by Adelaide University
  My miracle pregnancy by C Stafford
  Natural Fertility by M.S.
  Positive antibodies by K.C.
  Pregnant Naturally by David
Hyper-Activity -
Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture, Childrens Nervous Condition by Mr & Mrs Scott
Impotency -
To Whom It May Concern by Peter Schumann
Infection -
My Son by Mr R Avery
  Natural antibiotics
  After antibiotic has failed by Kym
Liver -
Liver pain by Antonio Bautovich
  My Pancreas Pain - Page One - Page Two
Meniere's Disease, Vertigo, Tinnitus -
  My Husband's Vertigo
  Tinnitus by Tony
  The noise in my head by Shane
  My Dizziness by Kerrie
Miscellaneous -
  Anal Fissure
  Sleep Glorious Sleep by R. Pearce
  Allergic Rhinitis
  Hypertension - High Blood Pressure - Page One - Page Two
  Bone Fracture by P. Harvey
  Hypertension by Romas
Nephronitis -
  Testimonial by M.Hobbs
  Nephrotic Syndrome - Page One, Two
  Nephritis of the right kidney by O. Meli
Olfactory Loss -
I regained my smell/taste by G Connell
Pain -
My Experience of "Tri-Geminal Neauralgia" by M Short
  My Trigeminal Pain by Robin
Migraine / Period Pain
My Migraine has gone
Back Pain
  Neurological Pain
  Neck and Shoulder Pain
Skin Conditions -
  My Psoriasis by C.D. Stevenson
My Eczema by George V.
  My Eczema by J. Gill
Skin Problem
Urticaria Allergy -
Case History by R J Brown
  Testimonial by Carol